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Thread: I dont like Barnes and Noble

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    I dont like Barnes and Noble
    I grew up in the Joseph Beth atmosphere. I went to barnes and noble yesterday looking for a book. The service was nice, the selection was nice, but the atmosphere. It was like,
    i was at the wal-mart of bookstores
    I went to Joseph Beth and found my book aswell for the same price. And the only difference is, i loved it. The whole vibe the store set.
    Omg, i am so blessed to have one of 4 Joseph Beths in my area, they are such wonderful stores that retain that independent vibe.

    I bought The Beach by Alex Garland. Ive read about an hour worth of it and im on page 58. Such a good book.

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    The Barnes and Noble near me is pretty nice

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    so is the one near me.

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    The Beach, I'd prefer to just watch the movie. But it was good, I must say.

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    My favorite book store
    Níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin

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