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Thread: Dirty Mac

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    Quote Originally Posted by beambeam View Post
    Whether it's a new mobile phone, or my ipod, macbook or anything that retains some value whether sentimental, etc, I find it's best just to drop it or something on it's first day so you get over that initial paranoi thing... it's like brand new white trainers, they're gonna get scuffed so delaying the inevitable just makes it that more painful.
    No >_<" I would never do anything like that to my poor Mac. Besides it's not like there aren't ways to prevent scratches and I would never throw or drop things that cost over 1 grand. >_>"

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    My wife treats the MBP like crap.
    You should see here cell phone.

    But what does it matter anyway. It's just a computer. You can still view your porn even if the screen is smudged.

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