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    Cover flow ARTWORK STYLE patent?
    Hey everyone,
    I wasn't sure what the appropriate board to post this would be so I just did it here. I work in a Quality Control department at a network television station. I was reviewing a show earlier today and I noticed that the way they laid out their billboard images is the exact way that iTunes cover flow looks. I was wondering if they have the way the album looks patented. The image i'm referring to is when the album is skewed and has the reflection on the black background. They don't have their billboards laid out like the cover flow. It's simply just one billboard image that has that skewed look and the reflection.

    Any help would be great! Thanks!

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    I am not an expert on intellectual property, and am also UK based but you cannot patent a look, at best it comes under copyright.

    You cannot copyright a look, only pieces of artwork, so as such, unless a company tries to emulate both the images and type layout to appear as if the campaign came directly from Apple, then there isn't a case

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