First question:

I have a problem and I'm hoping someone on this board can help me. Two days ago, my Macbook refused to start. I took it to the local Apple store, hoping they could fix the problem, but in the end, the problem was the hard-drive.

The problem I'm having now is that I want to sync everything on my iPhone BACK to my Macbook with the new, empty hard drive. But I'm afraid that when I plug my iPhone in, it'll try and do it in reverse, and thus, erase what is on my iPhone and leave me completely empty.

So, does anyone have any suggestions on that?

And, for the second question, I'm hopping over to Mail on my Macbook.

I want to know if there is any way to limit the number of messages that show in your inbox. Like how the iPhone limits it to 200... Because I just added my e-mail accounts to this new hard drive, and now I have like 24,000 e-mails in my inbox.

Thanks in advance,