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    Print Screen button in a MacBook Pro
    Hello Everyone,

    I am really sorry if this has been discussed before, but I'm new here and a bit too lazy to search for a similar topic. As the title says, the 'oh-my-god' Print Screen button can not be found if you're using a MacBook Pro like me. I am not a Macintosh expert at all, so I don't really care about the Print Screen there, I just use some 3rd party software that helps me take screen shots. But I used Boot camp and installed Windows Vista on my Mac, I don't want to use a software to take screen shots for me, since a simple button-press can do it all for me, Paint Brush ftw! I've tried the On-Screen-Keyboard, but sadfuly enough it appears in every screen shot I try and take, that's why I was looking for a simple tool that lets me like create a key combination that's equivalent to the Print Screen button on normal keyboards. If some one knows such a tool that works on Windows Vista and / or Windows XP, I'd be grateful. Thank you very much.

    Here's what I mean about 'On-Screen Keyboard' appearing in screen shots I take.

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    I had to download a program that switched the print screen button to another combo to be able to do it on my Macbook
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