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    Cool Retro-Icons
    I recently bought a brand-new Iomega Zip 100 USB drive so that I could regain access to some wonderful Classic-OS 9-OS 8.6 material stored on a dozen Zip disks stored away. Included in that material are many hundreds of folder - and other - icons from the eras mentioned. I cannot remember where I bought or obtained the icons, they go back 10 - 12 years. In my unashamedly biased opinion, the icons of OS X have nothing like the colorful appeal of the earlier systems.

    I would like to make these icons freely available to interested forum members - but I'm not certain how it can be done. Advice please?

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    Email the zip files to the members that want them? lol got a website, rapidshare account or any other upload/hosting account with a website? If so host them there.

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