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    Desolate One
    iTunes v. Napster
    I don't know if this has been discussed yet here at the forums, but Napster has been mentioned in the news a lot lately. And now that they're publicly traded and fully concentrating on music, do you feel they pose a threat to iTunes?

    Case in point, they'll be around even whilst losing money. Roxio (former parent co. now trading under NAPS) sold their software operation for $72.3M and has over $130M in the bank... more then enough breathing room to fully impliment their digital music enterprise.

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    As I understand it Napster is in the music business for the money. Whereas Apple's iTunes is more for selling hardware (i.e. iPod).
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    Quote Originally Posted by rman
    Whereas Apple's iTunes is more for selling hardware (i.e. iPod).
    which they make to help sell Macs which have a much higher marginal profit

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    I prefer iTunes, I've used Napster and I found it so unnecessarily complicated.

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    Desolate One
    Quote Originally Posted by edgefusion
    I prefer iTunes, I've used Napster and I found it so unnecessarily complicated.
    Very true. iTunes is very simple to use. Unfortunately I've never used Napster so I don't have a say regarding that service.

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    I really find it very difficult to believe anything is as easy as itunes... ive helped alot of my pc friends who had a problem because they think its some elaborate thing to convert a song to mp3 or similar. to often they try to make it more difficult and when they see its just one click they are like... oh .. wtf.. thats too easy.

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