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    Type man_"object" for manual pages.
    First off, donít judge an operating system
    before you learn how it operates.
    Just because things donít work the same,
    doesnít mean they donít work as well.
    And no matter what,
    always try at least three distributions of linux.

    Know that there is
    to the internet, than Facebook, Youtube, and Porn.

    Learn how to end a process.
    It may save your files one day.

    And remember to not fear using all of your RAM at once,
    you have it all for a reason.

    Computer applications have,
    and always will be,
    A computer application is only data,
    and data is information.

    Never keep information to yourself;
    the best way to improve is to collaborate.
    Just because you canít add the graphics to the level,
    doesnít mean no one can.

    Use the internet with respect.
    If we replace our amazing library of information
    we have made available at our fingertips
    with trivial banter and threads full of nonsense,
    how do we grow?

    Also, do not use your caps lock button.

    Learn what a command prompt is,
    and know sudo is your friend.

    Know now that one DVI cord
    wonít fit in every DVI port.

    Donít get 8 Gigs of RAM
    when you only need 2.

    And donít get USB if you need the speed of FireWire.

    feel silly asking any level of question about anything.
    There is no such thing as a stupid question,
    only a stupid answer.


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    Looks like a Poem. >_<"

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