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    Login Screen Mod
    Ok I am attempting to change my login screen... Not the boot screen but the screen where i input user name and pwd .....
    I have already looked in system>librabry>coreservices>systemstarter>quartzd isplay.bundle and the pdf i am looking for is not there! anyone have any other ideas?

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    Open system-library-core services-systemstarter_folder control click on the quartzDisplay.bundle icon then click on the show package contents. in the resulting window open the resources folder and there is the startup and login screen pdf you can swap that or edit it in photoshop.

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    the only pdf that is in there is the start up one =-(

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    To change the login scren you have to bypass the Mac OS X security shield you can go about it in three different ways.

    Restart in Mac OS 9, if your Mac is capable of it. Doing so bypasses the objections you'll get from Mac OS X as you try to hack the system settings.

    You can log in as the Root account user.

    Command +drag the icon you want outta the system folder, edit a copy of it
    (preserve the original just in case) and then command +drag it back into place.

    PS. When you drag OS X promts you to enter your administrators name + pass when you start to drag an icon

    I hope this helps :p

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    Quote Originally Posted by rgcraig
    the only pdf that is in there is the start up one =-(
    that is the login graphic as well


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    Quote Originally Posted by Danster
    that is the login graphic as well


    I did what you said and I changed the pdf. It changed the Loading screen graphic but it did not change the login graphic. What else can I do.

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    hmm do you want to redesign the entire window using the interface builder?
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