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Thread: Mounting Misery

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    Unhappy Mounting Misery
    I am plagued at present with an acute form of dermatitis. Not a pleasant subject I know, not a topic one might expect to find posted in a computer forum, and I submit this reluctantly.

    I wonder if someone out there has useful suggestions to make re natural treatment or ways of easing the cursed itching, and the severe pain caused by splits in the finger tips. Enough to drive a man to drink (he says, reaching for his iced whisky - now that really is soothing). Other than weird and whacky remedies like galloping gnat's pee or mayfly's milk, I'm prepared to try almost anything.

    Current treatment is conventional and conservative - topical steroids, moisturising cream (this generic keyboard's keys are well lubricated) and paracetomol. Anyway, when I'm back online in the wee hours of tomorrow morning - NZ time - after the itching has woken me, hopefully there'll be some ideas, suggestions and thoughts from afar. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hughvane View Post
    severe pain caused by splits in the finger tips.

    Current treatment is conventional and conservative - moisturising cream

    on the split finger tips:
    use cyanoacrylate based fast-acting glues commonly sold under trade names like Superglue and Krazy Glue. get an additional spray on hardener if available so it will dry as expected.

    moisturizing cream:
    application is everything. put a moderate amount of hand lotion in a surgical glove(s) and wear them overnight.


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    i use aquaphor when my eczema starts acting up. it my not be natural, it is petroleum based. i also have vanacream. these were prescribed my doctor to me.

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