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    Mac Magazine
    Hey there guys (and gals!),

    I've recently bought the black macbook and am very impressed by the piece of equipment. However being a long time Windows user my knowledge is limited to what I have found out over the last couple of weeks. To date I've read Mac:Format and MacWorld, are there any other magazines that you would recommend for getting a further feel of the system or one or the other you would say is better? 11 ($22) a month, to me is quite expensive!

    Also, any other sites or resources that could expand my knowledge beyond asking you lot would be much appreciated.

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    This site is an excellent resource.
    Also, on you Mac, there's a simple Help feature for every doesn't just help you, but also provides info you might not have known.

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    There's always the Apple 101.
    That has a lot of useful info on it.

    As does "The Missing Manual" series of books. Their leopard one is pretty good. I've read that. And I've heard some of the rest are pretty good as well.

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    I just sent for a subscription to Mac Life. It looked interesting from what I've browsed in issues on the Virgin Megastore magazine stand. And it's a less expensive subscription than MacWorld. I haven't read a whole issue yet as I haven't gotten my first subscription issue. I'll let you know what I think when I do.

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    MacLife and the Apple site - great tutorials there.

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    I can do all the basic stuff from just blundering around the computer: I'm guessing some stuff only comes through experience and so on though!

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