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    web surfing via generator last night
    lost power. pulled out our cheap 2500 Watt generator. lol

    Reading the manual, it brought up a question/issue.. .

    is it safe to hook the Mac to a generator?

    reading all the warnings in the generators manual, you have to be really careful... exceeded the capacity of the generator can damage it and the devices connected to it.

    I used it about 10 minutes and decided to not risk it... didn't want to chance messing the mac up or it's applecare warranty. There is NO WAY I can keep the chords under 15 feet. That's impossible.


    Do not start or stop while devices are connected.
    Keep extension chords short as possible. 15 feet or less.

    Add up the total wattage of connected devices. It should NOT exceed 2500 watts.

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    Not certain why I thought of this, but I believe you could overcome that risk of exceeding recommended power supply, or power flutter, or power sag by hooking a UPS into the generator; and then your Mac into the UPS.

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    Well I'm over seas in Iraq right now, and of course I run of nothing but generators. I hate plugging my computer into the outlets over here..first off, everything is 240, which sucks when you get shocked by the way.

    Second off, the power is just so dirty. Everytime I plug my charger into the outlets, huge sparks go everywhere. When you look at the tips on my charger, there black and burnt to a crisp lol. But everything still works perfect, so i'm not worried as of now.

    But yeah, I wouls try to stay away from generators, If I could I would. The power that comes out of them is just to dirty to use.

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