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    PCs could become more expensive than Macs, very soon
    So one of the big myths out there is that Macs are far more expensive than PCs, even equivalent PCs, and although you can argue the toss on this one somewhat, there is little doubt that if you really want a half decent machine, to borwse the web and write email, you can get a PC cheaper than a Mac.

    This could all end

    It's a little known fact that one of the reasons some PCs are so dirt cheap, is that software companies pay millions of dollars to have crapware installed all over them, in the hope the user will get suckered into buying it, or signing up to some subscription service or another.

    BestBuy (who I must admit I am starting to like) will get rid of all of this for $30!

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    Interesting read, a little on the long and boring side though. I caught some typos too, since I'm so bored anyways. >_<"

    That's why I prefer to make my own computers, don't have to deal with software that I don't want.

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    I just ordered a Dell Notebook for my mom (tried switching her over, but she didn't want to deal with a totally new OS) It was a Studio 15, and after everything she wanted, including tax, it costed about $1500. Software was a majority of that cost. For that price I could have gotten a refurbished MBP, or a blackbook.

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    Yeah anyways...I bet PCs will go up in cost, it makes sense. I mean sure there will be the wal-mart specials, but overall they'll definitely go up over time.
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    When the day comes I'll rub it in my friends faces. I love how Macs are all made by the same company in an Apple Factory, but I hated how Macs were expensive. I would never get a PC no matter what the cost was. I will always go with Mac despite the fact all my friends think it sucks which it doesn't.

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