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Thread: Connecting cable TV, DVR, LCD and Mac

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    Aug 27, 2008
    Connecting cable TV, DVR, LCD and Mac
    Hi, first post. I'm pretty tech savvy, but everyone gets screwed over by technology every now and then so i want to seek advice before buying anything.

    I want to connect my cable TV (via RF cable) to my DVR, and then run component out from my DVR to my spare LCD screen via a converter. By doing this i can use my computer LCD screen to watch television. To do this I think i need:

    -Male VGA to male component
    -VGA gender changer (since they don't have the above in female VGA)

    I've had problems before with screen resolutions and whatnot, but since i'm not dealing with analogue i think this should have a better change of working since most of what I am dealing with is digital. My question is will this set up work? If not what do i have to do to get it to work?

    Secondly, if I can get the DVR-LCD connection, then I want to use a mini DVI to VGA (for macbook) and a VGA to S-Video convertor to plug into the DVR which would allow me to have a signal for a second screen sent to the DVR and then to the LCD and be able to switch between computer and TV. Will this work?

    Finally, I'd like to know if buying the cheap cables from Hong Kong on china will even work. I think some are meant for HD Digital TV's but might work with computers.

    Thanks for the help and sorry for writing so much!

    P.S. I don't mind quality loss, as long as i retain 65% or more of the quality I'm happy.

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    Ok let me blunt here, cheap interconnect cables simply are that, CHEAP even some basic shielded inerconnects are better than the $3 ones ya get at Radio Crack (Shack) far as the connections your thinkin, I dunno but don't skimp on the me
    This is a multiplatform home !

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    Little update, but doesn't change the question of whether or not this set up is going to work. I don't need the gender changer... cuz i can just remove the VGA cable from my monitor (meaning i can plus the VGA/Component cable straight into the monitor)... Which saves room and lessens the amount of cord to hide

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