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Thread: buying refurb

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    Aug 10, 2008
    buying refurb
    I clicked on a banner from this site

    anybody ever purchased from these guys? Im kinda sketched to buy a refurb that is not from apple... seems like a good deal, up front...

    good vs bad idea to buy???


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    THey don't look like refurbs more like second hand, but they do give a warranty

    You just got to compare those with the more up to date ones on the Apple store with a 1 year warranty, depends on what you can afford

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    Aug 09, 2008
    yea they look like second hands, plus there g4's not that thats a bad thing, there just not dual core or anything.

    I bought mine from as a referb and love it, no problems and i saved almost a grand.
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    You can get great deals on refurbs (even newer models) at Great people, great service, great products.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soundshaper View Post
    You can get great deals on refurbs (even newer models) at Great people, great service, great products.
    Great advertisement.

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