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    advice on where to sell ibook G3 as spares?

    I have an old ibook G3 - 12.1/900MHz/512MB/40G/COMBO and am wondering if anyone has any advice as to where/ who i can sell it to for spares? (especially in london and/or UK). I have seen on ebay that there is quite a market in selling parts as spares, but personally do not have the knowledge or know how to do this!

    It no longer works due to a dodgy logic board (according to the mac store) and is not worth getting fixed. It still seems to start up, but i am unable to see anything on the screen. Before the screen went completely, I hopefully managed to erase the hard drive(!).

    The computer itself is in good condition, just a bit aged-worn. The battery still fully charges and power-cord works. I also have the box it came in and all software.

    Any advice as to how much a machine in this condition would go for?

    Thanks in advance for any ideas/ advice anyone can give!



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    ill give you 25 right now?

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