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    Apple is making me lazy
    Well over the years I believe Apple is making me increasingly more lazy.

    In the old classic OS days I had to navigate everywhere with my mouse. Go to the app folder for the app I wanted, or create an alias for it on my desktop.

    But with OS X and the dock they are all one click away. So my hand hardly moves and I have 5 or 6 apps open.

    And with the new Alu keyboard I don't have to go into the app 1/2 the time to use it. Like itunes for example. I can just press the play/pause key to pause the track in itunes. Even if itines is in the background.

    All of this is giving me less exercise. Sure I could go out and walk or something which I do. But for the times I am on my computer I'm almost like a zombie now. I hardly have to move and everything is done for me.

    So all I wanted to say is I think Apple is making me lazy to the point that I'll use all of the shortcuts just cause they are there. And doing things the long way these days is counterproductive at times too.

    Do any of you feel the same?

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    You click on the dock? cmd-space and type.. pretty much how I launch everything

    I'd hardly call mousing exercise though
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