I was fortunate enough to be given a brand new samsung z150 cell phone from a friend who was given it as a contract upgrade.

It got lost in the post for 2 weeks & when it finally arrived I discovered it was locked to Vodafone Espanha. another 3 weeks later got it back unlocked.

I eagerly paired it up via bluetooth to my MBP this morning & to my utter horror - isync does not recognise it. After looking this up today - it would seem there are 3rd party companies who provide drivers for the phones - but yes, you guessed it, this model (z150) does not have any driver for Tiger which is what i am still using - only leopard.

Is anyone aware of any solution of getting around this? maybe there is 3rd party sync software. Or maybe a 3rd party "address book" where you can bluetooth contacts to the phone. I'm not gonna upgrade to leopard just for this.

Any ideas, suggestions welcome.