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    Talk about your 1st time using Mac...
    Well, as few will know, i was expecting an iBook, but then i didnt get it. 2 days ago i went into CompUSA and i saw my first real-life Mac. It was the first time i ever saw a REAL Mac. I used a PowerMac, PowerBook, iMac, and an eMac, i couldnt let go. I thought Windows XP was good, Mac left me in awe, (much like when the guy gets blown out of his couch when he sees color TV.)

    They have a cool mouse (Apple Pro Mouse) which is alot better than the mouse im using in Windows. I couldnt believe that i liked and knew how to use Mac after being on Windows for 4 years. :mac:

    So, what was it like when you first used Mac?

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    Desolate One
    I've used Macs breifly in school years ago as well as an ex's iMac, but my first real mac usage came just recently when I picked up my iBook. The thing is so easy to use and very logical, almost telepathic. Even though I only have 256MB of RAM, the thing is much quicker then my PC w/ 512MB. I can't wait to have the thing screaming when I max out my RAM @ 1.2GB!

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    I was 11, in middle school, I had my webpage design class that used Macintosh LC II. We also did hypercard stuff on them.

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    I went to my sister's school for the parent teacher conference (I was really young and went for the ride). It had to have been about 1988. I had used a Commodore 64 at home all the time and it was nothing but text besides a few games and such. However when my father was in talking to the teacher I went and saw these computers where you clicked on icons and no longer typed to a dir. I was hooked. Sadly I could not afford one as I was about 5 years old. My family went through years of Windows useage since as anyone could tell you as the mid nineties came up Apple was not doing to well. When I turned 16 and got my first job I started saving and bought my first (and still only) PowerMac G4. This is where my real use with a Mac came from but I still remember the Macs that I originally saw.

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    Well when I was just a lad, I had a computer class and we made and Abe Lincoln Silhouette by typing x's all over, then came Oregon Trail... on a IIe what i would give to play that again. Then came HS and when i got busy on my school newspaper and yearbook and DOOM... Ah the good old days

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    The mac 13
    Me? i used in in sch about 96' at first i didnt know it was a mac. then recently, i wanna switch as windows sux. then i didnt wanna switch. then there was a comp fair. i played with a iBook. i loved it. installed messenger. bloody fast, used safari cool. then, i was convinced to switch.playing ard with it. suddenly lots of ppl behind me looking at me play that baby. i didnt even know they were there. therre was this lady that think that i was a sales dude. she tried to take away my mac advertisment(for that fair).lol.. but b4 leaving that ibook, i did one naughty thing. in safari, i set the homepage to, saved, open safari n walked away.

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    must have been about 1974

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    Your fisrt time using a Mac??!

    that sounds a bit freaky :alien:

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    oregon trail in elementry school was the best. That was the first time I ever used a mac until a few months ago when i bought a used iBook off ebay after my iPod sparked an interst in apples. About a week ago I just got my first new apple a 12" Powerbook.

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