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    Do you play anything, What music do ya like?
    Hey people. I wanna start a discussion on what kind of intruments you play, what kind of music you paly, what kind of music do you like... etc. So yeah, post anything related. Myself, i play electric guitar. I like punk rock and stuff like that. I listen to alot of rock/ harcore punk. Learn alot of alexisonfire, billy talent, lep zeplin. Some of the oldies is good too. Alot better guitar back then!! Anything you guys like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaun89
    lep zeplin.
    Led Zeppelin?
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    Opps... Yeah thats what i meant. Any comments to the thread?

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    i dont have no mac's
    i am decent at the bass guitar and the good ol turntables. will be learning to play the keys sometime after christmas time

    i like punk (read: nofx, pennywise, and not yellowcard or whatever people call punk nowadays)
    classic rock (led zep, who, beatles, floyd, billy joel)
    classical (bethoven, bach)
    rap( jay-z, tupac, eminem)

    just to name a few

    i can normally say i like everything, but i have a hard time with country and some of the new music that is popular now


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    I sing lead and play guitar in this band and play bass and do bgv's in this band.

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    i can sing and play the drums

    i like hiphop and startin to like Jazz

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    I used to play a bit of Alto Sax... I droped that a while back though, now I'm doing a bit of bass... Starting to get into it more.

    I listen to all rock, especially classic rock. As well as lots and lots of Jam Bands

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    Well I mainly sing and I play piano. Tried trumpet lessons for a bit, but that didn't go so well
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    I play the electric guitar and fave band is the offspring.

    Rock (guns n roses, led zep, floyd, rhc peppers, mettalica Too many to list really

    punk rock(ofspring, ramones, green day,

    Alternative (Franz ferdinand, david gray, Keane, coldpaly oasis, beastie boys

    And a bit of classical here and there i cant really put all the bands i like too many

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    Quote Originally Posted by vuschejan
    I used to play a bit of Alto Sax
    I play the baritone sax in my music class. wasn't my choice. I hated it at first. But now it's kinda cool. I see alot of you like rock, and classic rock. Right on..

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