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Thread: How do i?

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    How do i?
    I found my old cd of 6000 .ttf fonts, i'm wondering if there is a simple way to install all of them in mass amount. From what i know, you have to double click each one and hit the install button... :O, that would take forever...

    If anyone knows any good applications to install mass amount of fonts, fell free to share your knowledge......

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    Grab yourself a copy of Suitcase™ XI (I'm guessing about $100) and copy all your fonts to a directory, anywhere on your drive will be o.k, then add them all to suitcase. Every time you startup Suitcase™ will enable what you want, when you want.

    Or you can just copy them all to the Font directory in your home directory, located:

    home > Library > Fonts

    but the more you add, the longer it takes for an application to see them all.
    Apple's FontBook™ is the alternative free option but it's not great!

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    I'm sooo angry right now.......

    i had to reinstall my whole panther os.... i read that if you copy all the .ttf files into the Library/fonts folder, the computer should see all the fonts after you restart...

    I copied about 6, 000 fonts into there, and when i went to restart, it never turned back on...

    I'm sitting at 11:42 now reinstalling everything... :mad:

    Edit: Spread the word to people who ask this question... Prevent it from happening again.

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    if u use fontbook, just open up the application, select all the fonts in whatever folder you have them in, and drag them onto the fontbook window

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    will that work for 6k fonts?? i dont want to reinstall this again...

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    FontAgent Pro works great for me.

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    Thanks johnny, but i'm looking for something FREE.. i like the advice about just dragging all the files into font book, but wha i'm worried about is having to reinstall os x again becuase before, i just copied all my fonts into the /library/fonts directory

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