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    Laughing Me Butt Off

    i was on msn, and i have like 40 peopel online, 35 of them i dont even know how i got on my list.. anyways, my name is "G5 so fast, so smooth" and hes like my Celeron 1.8 is faster.. I wasl laughing so hard. Even the G5 single 1.8 processor is about 8X faster then that. P4 1.8 is fricken 4X faster.

    i know i'm off with numbers and not exact %'s but i do know the comparison in speed.

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    Ok people I am tired of editing posts for cursing. Even if you substitute symbols for characters in the words, my five year-old son, if I had one, would understand what you were trying to say. Do not do that! No cursing! We know you're an intelligent bunch, you don't need to use that type of language to get your point across. Thank you for helping this place to be a clean community that any family member, regardless of age, can come here and enjoy the knowledge here without being inundated with foul language. Thanks!

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    sorry- wont happen anymore

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