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    Apple Store says no more12"?
    Ugh, maybe its the holiday season and Apple hired a few temps because last night i again was hanging out at the apple store (this is starting to become a habit!) and the place was packed in (they were having a class for the iPod/iTunes). I was trying out a 15" Powerbook when a saleskid I've never seen before started to use sales tactics that you would usually get when you are trying to buy a car or even at Best Buy. This kid told me that the iBook/powerbook 12" will become obsolete next year :eek: and that they will only have the 14" and maybe a new 17" iBook. I asked him "I thought the 12" model was the hottest seller according to the manager..." the kid said "not that i know of, who would want such a tiny screen? 14" is a minimum in the laptop world, 12" screens were from the early 90's" WHAT!? The second he said, "have you ever heard of firevaulting? that is some crazy mad encrpting. it like moves your files all around in the computer so it hides stuff" these were his exact words. oh well, next to me a college girl was crying because another saleskid plugged in her mini to the 14" iBook and he wiped out her whole mini. 300 songs deleted she was yelling, no backup. ugh, i feel her pain and i have no idea what they were trying to do.

    So, i am 99.9999% that this sales kid is wrong about the 12" iBook being discontinued next year. Just last week the store manager said it is the hottest seller in the store next to the mini's/iPods, they couldn't keep them in stock he said.

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    I agree, this sales"kid" is an idiot. I say you go back and set him straight.:mac:

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    for kicks i just called the store and asked them that and the guy who answered started to laugh and said, "HELL NO! Its the most popular most affordable most best buy model we have!"

    case closed

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    Quote Originally Posted by code777
    when a saleskid I've never seen before started to use sales tactics that you would usually get when you are trying to buy a car
    As you said the kid was trying to get you to look at a more expensive unit.
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    I loved how he said, "dude, 12" screens are so early 90's remember the old Micron laptops?" i started to laugh but didn't burst out...

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    that kid was crazy. i also feel real bad for the girl. that would suck... i wonder what she will do?

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