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Thread: Hi all.

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    Hi all.
    Hey, I'm very new to this board. I just joined the Mac community after a 15 year hiatus. I got one of the new G5s. I did have, once, long ago, an old Apple/Mac. I had it about 4 years after the Commadore 64 came out. Can't remember what it was called . . .
    Anyway, I'm gonna be editing movies and schtuff, so I thought I would introduce myself . . .

    Um, what I like right now? The INCREDABLES! What a great movie! Anyone else see it?

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    Hey, welcome to Mac Forums! G5s are awesome!

    I would see The Incredibles, but I'm too busy doing nothing in front of my brand new PowerBook G4 12"!

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    Well, the Incredables was great. I'm an adult, and the movie was action packed. There was a lot of "adult" humor in it too (like Anamaniacs), where kids won't get the jokes or references, but adults will. This is a movie that is truly entertaining for both kids and adults.
    I can see, though, many parents getting upset over the violence in the film. The movie is rated PG after all. I hope it doesn't get cruicified like Atlantis did . . .

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    Welcome to the forums!

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    I just saw The Incredibles today. It was...unbelievable. Truly, Pixar keeps outdoing itself. Until The Incredibles, Finding Nemo was their best one, but once again, they topped themselves. Bravo, Pixar, bravo. One thing about the movie I'm not too fond about is the fact that it's released in November. I think it should be more of a summer movie, based on the atmosphere presented in the movie.

    Oh, I REALLY hope they'll make a sequel to this movie!

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    a sequel would be cool, but what could they name it? The incredibles: now more incredible?

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