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    Cool MacAddict Looking For Mac Addict
    Future Network USA, a leading publisher of computing, electronic gaming, and music magazines is seeking a technical wizard for MacAddict magazine. We’re looking for someone with deep and thorough knowledge of the Macintosh, including its operating system and major applications, who can explain complex concepts to our broad readership. Of special interest to us is someone with demonstrable experience in digital media: photography, audio, and video. Good writing skills, including an irreverent sense of humor, are also important.

    The successful candidate will have the ability to work effectively with an editorial and art staff that takes their work -- but not themselves -- seriously. Our staff is a small group of organized, hard-working publishing professionals who are fun to work with, open to a highly collaborative process, and comfortable working in an open environment under strict deadlines. The successful candidate will fit this description, be able to immediately contribute to our team’s growing success, and have a good time doing so.

    Reply to if interested.

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    Hey everyone this is the best Mac magazine out there, in my humble opinion, which really is not all that humble j/k i highly recommend you look into this! If I was better at writing and didn't already have my own business, I would try for it myself!

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    Wow, i wish i could write

    and had a sense of humor :-\

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    i just talked to mac addikt a bit ago... err.. wait..

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