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Thread: Tan-Tan is going on a road trip! (DUN DUN DUNNNNNN)

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    Tan-Tan is going on a road trip! (DUN DUN DUNNNNNN)
    Hello all,

    Well, in 2 hours and 5 minutes (From now...2:25) I will be leaving, on a ROAD TRIP.
    Departing Michigan at 5AM today, our destination is near St. Louis, Missouri.
    We're going to go visit my great grandmother, but on the way and on the way back we are stopping at a LOT of stuff, I have no idea what because every time we went there to "plan the trip", we all brought our laptops, with our game faces on, ready for business....then ended up on facebook the whole time, so it's sort of like a surprise for us since my aunt planned it all.
    But I know tonight we are going in Illinois (or was it Indiana) and we are staying in a CABOOSE!

    It's going to be a long drive, and i'm gonna be bored. I have my iPods, my PowerBook G3 (WITH airport card, if that's going to help....), some DVDs, and maybe even a Stephen King book or two, but I don't know...I haven't packed yet.

    Anyway, it's myself, my mother, my twin brother, my aunt, and my 2 cousins ages 9 and 4.
    It's going to be....crazy.
    We are weird.

    My younger brother is choosing to stay home with my dad, which seems a little rude since my great grandmother is elderly and we NEVER see her, last year she started bawling when we left because she thought it was going to be the last time we were ever going to see her, that's how often we visit her.

    So we're gettin' up bright and early, loading up the windstar (When Ford said minivan, they weren't kidding. If the wallet allowed, we would be taking the Astro), and AWAY WE GO.

    I'm excited.

    Anyway, just wanted to say, if you don't see me from 4AM until next saturday, DON'T PANIC, because I know you all will be running around like excruciatingly bored chickens with your heads cut off without me.

    This year I have a Canon PowerShot S5, so there will be LOTS of pictures.

    Any suggestions for what do to in the car?
    What to bring?
    Any Mac stuff? We have some ancient Mac games, probably won't be very fun, but if all else fails i'll just write to my best friend.
    When I get back i'll let you know what I did.


    Wish me luck!

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    Hey Tanner, have a great trip. There's no better way to travel long distances in America than via car. You get to see so many cool things. Have fun and be safe.

    Things to do: 20 questions passes a lot of time for us on convoys here.
    One last push!

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