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    Unhappy Do you guys think I should go with this deal?
    I was looking around to buy a cheap but good mac, when I found a nice new 1Ghz eMac on Yahoo Auctions. So I bid on it and win the bid for $368.

    The shipping is free and it's brand new in the box according to description. But I don't like the seller's responses to my emails. No matter how many questions I ask him, he only seems to respond to one or two questions, and usually with one word.

    For example:

    I say:

    I have just won the eMac you had auctioned at Yahoo.

    I've noticed that you state it's free shipping.

    Could you tell me more details about the eMac?

    Specific specs, video card, how new is it, etc?

    Could I also have your phone number?

    Do you take PayPal instead of the listed payment types?

    I will send the money as soon as the above is met.

    Thank you for the auction and I look forward to the product."

    He Says:
    "I also use for payments to: . if
    this is good let me know

    --Typical, going straight to talking about money rather than answering my questions.

    I say:
    "May you tell me more about the eMac (full specs),"

    He says:
    "its new in the box."

    I ask:
    "May I have your phone number as well, incase needed?

    Also, when did you buy it? Why did you plan to sell it? It does
    include 1 GB of RAM like stated correct? Do you have any pics of it?"

    --He then gives his phone number, and his last name in another email. Completely avoiding to answer the full question about the Gig of RAM and pics, etc.

    What do you guys think? Should I go with the deal or what? Is there any specific precautions I should take? I already searched for this guy's contact info on Google and have only found other auction sites where he posted stuff, both on Yahoo and the other one I found he has no feedback. This is a heck of a deal if it's true but I don't know. Any help will be appreciated.


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    Well, a decent rule of thumb is that if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I've had a bad experience buying a Mac from an auction site, and have dealt with numerous bad sellers, so I'd take a cautious approach here. First, call him and ask him to answer all of your questions, and definitely have him send you photos. Also look into Yahoo's fraud policy, and try to insist on Paypal (although even Paypal's protection policies aren't the greatest). Out of curiosity, do you have a link to the auction?

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    Yes, here's the link, though I think you have to log into Yahoo to see it:

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    Generally, if someone is selling a tangible item, he/she posts pictures of the item. I don't bid on anything that doesn't have any pictures. Not only is it helpful for frame of reference when you receive the item (screen cracked, but the picture shows new) it's nice to see that the item actually exists.

    Even a Buy Now price of $500 seems low. He posted pictures of a Compaq 7400 laptop, why couldn't he post the pictures of the eMac?

    Don't waste your money on this one.

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