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Thread: MACs in Japan

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    Question MACs in Japan

    I'm posing this question for my in-laws who live and work in Japan. They went to get a EMAC at the Toyoko store but were disappointed to find that
    1) Microsoft Word was not included although it was included in the US version and 2) even though the operating system was switched to english, the language for Appleworks remained in Japanese.

    I'm a amature PC user and my in-laws are novice MAC users. How could they get an EMAC in Japan to function in English with the exception of a few programs needed for typing japanese characters?

    Do I have to buy OS 10.3 here in America and ship it to them so they can have the tech guys in Japan load it for them? Or can the Apple store in Toyoko just do all that for them without charging the for 2 operating systems?

    Thanks in advance for your time and advice...


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    order it on line and select to have mac os international english.
    office is never included in package. sels separately

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