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Thread: Finding people who use iChat AV!

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    Finding people who use iChat AV!

    I've downloaded iChat AV, but have never seen how it actually works.

    Is there a way to find others using iChat AV.

    If anyone has iChat AV and would like to help me test it AIM name is:


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    Lots have downloaded iChat AV...but haven't tested!
    My problem is that I haven't got to test iChat AV with anyone.

    My AIM name is:


    I'd love to test it with someone.

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    Posting the same message 3 times is un-needed... I am not going to start using ichat a/v until i get my isight which will be at least 2 months. depends on when panther is released actually, but I am holding off on the isight.

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    There usta be a mac forums chat.. in AIM.. but I left for a week or two and it may be down.

    Emrys would know more. I had like 50mac scns on the list. Ill just add yours. Then you can get someone on there to use it with you!

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    iChat AV video is actually pretty good, depending on your connection speed of course.

    I have an iSight, but I never use it, since it's just so weird to video conference for normal everyday stuff... it's just odd to me.

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    Yes, please don't cross-post. I have moved / deleted threads into their proper positions.

    As far as the ichat thing goes, you can chat in MacForumsChat. It should be up. I am looking into a more permanent chat room setup. But MacForumsChat with iChat should be available.
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