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    Reading pre OS X file systems?
    I just got some 3.5 disk in at work today that all we know is they were used in an Apple computer and we need to get the info off of them. What file systems did pre OS X OS's use and could Ubuntu read them? I'm installing Ubuntu on an extra computer I have and if that doesn't, work I'm going home at lunch to get my MBP. Will either of these Os's be able to read these disk?
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    Really depends on what program created the files. If they are Word docs then no problem. If they are PageMaker 4.2 then it will get ugly. I still have a PowerMac G3 with a floppy drive and ethernet for exactly this purpose! The early versions of System 7, 8 and 9 used Mac OS Standard format, I have no idea if Ubuntu can read them.

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    Macs will be able to read the disks, but you may need a usb floppy drive to connect to the mac

    AS for Ubuntu, see this link

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