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Thread: Windows and iMac Integration in the Real World

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    Windows and iMac Integration in the Real World
    I am a Windows Network Administrator who has purchased an iMac to see and learn how to integrate the two platforms. I have, after reading through several posts on the Mac-Windows site successfully inserted my iMac into my Windows 2003 SBS Domain and can login and out on my iMac using my Windows Domain account – though it can take several minuets to do so (I now login using my iMac account – loads much faster) which was to be fixed in 10.5.2 – though I don’t have a reference or know as if what I am experiencing is “normal” if it is then Apple has a long way to go on its’ cross platform interoperability.

    Now that my Windows SBS and iMac are talking I am now interested in finding some information on the following topics -

    - Executing user login scripts to map drives located on my Windows Server
    - Best Practices on integrating iMac’s into a Windows Environment
    - Why Apple has little to no knowledge base articles on integrating the iMac into a Windows environment.

    Obviously I am most interested in getting any information mapping my Windows shares on my iMac; however, I am curious as to why I am having such a tough time finding any information concerning Windows/Mac integration. I even called Apple as was told that the iMac consumer was not one to integrate the two platforms which I though smack in the face of Apple’s marketing campaign???

    Any help/comments/rebuffs would be greatly appreciated.

    A frustrated iMac/Windows user.

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    Sorry to jump the thread but how did you get the Mac to join the domain? I can't seem to be able to login to my windows domain using the MAC.

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