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    PowerPoint or Keynote?
    Alright, here's the problem. I have to create a presentation on MC Escher for art class on Wednesday, but I'm wondering if I should use Keynote instead of PowerPoint. I mean, I have both on my computer, but my school computers are Windows machines, so they obviously only have PowerPoint. That's not a problem though, since files created by PowerPoint can be read and manipulated by Keynote, and vice-versa, correct? Now, here's another problem--sending it to school. I have to do it by e-mail, since I don't have a CD burner (I USED to have a computer with a CD burner, but my brother took it with him when he moved into university at the beginning of September), but I don't have a Gmail account, so I think I can't make the file any bigger than 10 MB, or else no account will accept it as an attachment (Gmail would be the only one to accept it, as far as I know). This raises the question: Can the size of a presentation file differ depending on whether Keynote or PowerPoint has manipulated it? If so, which program causes the file size to increase less than the other? Another thing I should mention is that I have no experience using Keynote, but from what I've heard, it's not too hard to learn, is it? It's just that I'm really not a big fan of PowerPoint (due to how much of the CPU's power it takes up when it's running, glitches, and I'm looking for a superior alternative).

    So, should I use Keynote or should I stick with PowerPoint?

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    I have Gmail, but I don't have any invites left. When I get some more, I'll give you an invite so you can have Gmail.

    That is, if I ever get any invites. I got 2 batches of 6 invites each batch in a week, and that was like 2 months ago, I haven't gotten a batch since then

    But if I get one before Wednesday, I'll tell you.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you so much m1k! Although, actually, my friend referred me to this other forum where there's this HUUUGE topic of people giving out Gmail accounts.

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    To answer your original question, in my experience, PowerPoint-format files created by Keynote are huge. Apple does something wierd to embed all of the pretty Keynote graphics in the PowerPoint format, and the file sizes can get out of hand.

    You can always export it as an Acrobat PDF; they look good and don't take up much space. Use the Full Screen option in Acrobat. But you won't get any transitions, build-in effects, animations or sounds this way.

    But on the whole, if you have PowerPoint, and you're going to be showing it on a PC, then I'd use PowerPoint.

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    Wow, thanks, technologist! Yeah, right now, this Powerpoint file has three pictures and six slides, and it's only 728 KB, but I expect it to get bigger as I add more stuff

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    Actually, today, I just got TWO Gmail accounts (from two different people)! So you don't have to send me one now. But thank you very much for the offer, Technologist!

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