Using the boot camp assistant on my Macbook Pro (Running Leopard), I installed XP. Power on and hold the Option key, I can get the two disk images and boot into whichever. The problem is that after booting into XP, take the action to restart Windows, it doesn't boot back to Mac, instead, all keys lit up, the screen is black. At this time, I need to press the power button once to turn off the keyboard lights, and another time to power on the Mac.

Now I also installed and configured bootpicker 2.1, it worked in all aspects but the Windows restart part, so I think this is not a bootpicker issue, but boot camp's. As described in the bootpicker doc, restarting windows should boot back to Mac, and the bootpicker menu screen, which doesn't work for me.

So far I don't see anybody else has this problem, I may need somebody who knows the inside to help.