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    Feb 26, 2008
    What software do you use to run Windows on your Mac?
    Hello everybody!
    Sure you can help me to make the right decision.
    I need some advices about software that runs Windows on Mac. I have some uncertainty about which piece of software to purchase.
    What are advantages and disadvantages of each of this piece of software?

    My Mac is rather powerful so I think there won't be a problem to run Virtualization in it.
    I tell you what I'm going to do with Windows on my new Mac to clarify:
    - As I'm a newbie in Mac and have been a PC user for 12 years I just need to get used to Mac gradually that is why I still need Windows;
    - I need some Windows-only apps on my Mac (IE7, Auto Cad, Visual Studio, Office apps);
    - To play some PC-games.


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    Oct 01, 2007
    Mac Mini i5 (2014 High Sierra), iPhone X, Apple Watch, iPad Pro 12.9, AppleTV (4)
    Depends on the games you play but just about anything the requires 3D direct processing won't run under virtualization software at the moment so BootCamp is the way to go for this. I'd also say that AutoCAD will prefer 'full' windows provided under bootcamp too.

    For info, as the poll doesn't have this option, I use both parallels (for occasional stuff) and bootcamp(games and more demanding apps).

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    Feb 12, 2008
    Fusion. Not a gamer so don't need bootcamp. In fact, I used it at first and installed both Parallels and Fusion using the partition to test them - and think they both run better without it, so I deleted the partition and did a new clean install of XP with Fusion. In any case, settled on Fusion but both Parallels and Fusion are very good, run great and are very easy to use. They are almost indistinguishable, as a matter of fact, but I had a slight preference for the settings options and look of Fusion. Plus it's a bit cheaper.


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    Dec 08, 2007
    24" iMac 2.4Ghz, 4GB RAM/320GB HD; BlackBook 2.4Ghz, 2GB RAM/250GB HD
    I use Bootcamp because it was free, and I only occasionally run WinXP to access MS Money. Otherwise, I replaced all of my software for Mac native versions.

    I see two possible disadvantages to running Bootcamp: 1. You have to reboot your machine every time, which can be a hassle if you frequently access Windows; 2. You can not readily transfer data between the Mac and Windows environments, if that's at all important to you.

    In my case, I actually like the fact that my financial data is kept segregated in a separate partition, and that it can only be accessed by rebooting.
    Happy to be back to a Mac

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