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    how much hard drive space should i set for Parallels to use?
    im only installing parallels on my mac to run a couple very small programs with windows xp. im wondering how much space i should really set for parallels to use? their website said use 15gb, but i dont want to give it that much space if i dont need to. and how much space will windows take up when i put in on parallels? thanks

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    Parallels has a dynamic hard drive image. Setting it to a specific number is only setting a max. So if you set it to 15GB but only end up using 5GB, only 5GB will be used on your hard drive. Like for me, Parallels has set itself to have a max of 30GB, but I'm currently only using 6GB.

    That max number is simply what you want the Windows installation to not go over. Set it to whatever you're comfortable setting aside. If you're just using it for running the occasional Windows program, even 8GB is more than enough.

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