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    new Mac user needs help osx 9.2
    hi i just bought a emac g4 osx 9.2 i cant seem to work out how to get the menu to appear at the bottom of the screen and you put your mouse over it and the icons enlarge... any ideas???

    also how do i find out basic information about my hard disk for example how big is it... sorry am new to macs and don't know much , any answers welcomed.

    thanks vikkie

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    Are you using OS X or are you using OS 9.2?
    OS X will have a blue Apple in the top menu bar, OS 9 will have the rainbow one.
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    emac g4 osx 9.2
    Well, to start, 9.2 is not OSX They are quite different OS's (if that's what you meant)
    For info, select the HD and use "apple" key and "I" together. (Get info)
    For other info, select the Apple icon, and select Apple System Profiler ( for OS9) or About this Mac-more info (for OSX)
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    Feb 21, 2008
    yes sorry i was getting confused with all the different types my apple icon is rainbow coloured so is it os 9?

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    Feb 21, 2008
    i don't have an apple keyboard just yet, also i don't have hd icon i have a disk drive icon that says Macintosh which when opened up appears to have all the programes listed.

    when i click the rainbow icon all that comes up is about this computer which only tells me the amount of internal ram my mac has

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    OS 9's menu bar is locked where it is. Alas, 9 was declared dead seven or eight years ago, so a lot of what you might expect or hope it would do won't happen. But don't hesitate to come back with questions if you can't find the answer with a search of this forum or anywhere else.

    Low End Mac is a worthwhile site to find info on OS 9 and even earlier systems.

    If you can't find the Apple System Profiler, run a search of the hard drive by keying the Command (Apple) key and F, for Find.

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    a rainbow colored apple symbol means it is mac os 9. There is no dock in mac os 9 so you have to upgrade to mac os x

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    I think your confusion arises from the fact you may easy assume that OS X is a more advanced upgrade to os 9

    Unlike windows Vista, which has evolved from windows NT, os 9 was the last of the original macintosh operating systems that started with the macintosh in 1984.

    When modernising such an old system became a major pain, Apple decided to ditch any further development after 9 and instead build a completely new os based on an entirely different base, namely Unix.

    OS X has more in common with Linux than it does with OS9, they share no code, but Apple did put in an emulation layer so that os X could run old os 9 apps.

    So in short, OS9 never had the application dock at the bottom of the screen, but the good news is that your emac G4 could at least run os 10.4 - Tiger.

    You should upgrade the emac to 1 gig of Ram and buy a retail copy of tiger off ebay to modernise it (make sure the disks you buy are not grey coloured - but the full retail copies that will install on any mac)

    You will not regret upgrading to oS X

    or you may have os X on your mac!!

    Press the option key on start up - you may get the option to boot into OS9 or OS X if installed

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    Feb 21, 2008
    ahh yes i shall upgrade how much does it normally cost? im going to be running final cut pro on it my main aim anyhow, is it quite easy to put ram into a mac as it is with a pc?

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