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    Parallels Cap Lock problem
    Hello all,

    I am helping a friend make the switch to Mac and we are having an issue with Parallels. When in Parallels Caps Lock is on when the light on the keyboard is not illuminated. When the light is illuminated Caps Lock is off. Still works normally on the Mac side of things.

    Any ideas?



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    I don't have the same problem, but I run Bootcamp and when I'm on Windows and I use my wireless keyboard's cap locks button, it disconnects the keyboard and the light just stays on and I have to turn it off and back on again, turn the cap locks key off quickly and turn it off and back on again. Like you, it works fine on the mac side of things!

    So there could be a bug with bootcamp or parallels or that the Apple keyboard's don't work properly with Windows.

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    You don't have the issue in BootCamp because it's not a virtual machine. It's Apples and Oranges (no pun intended). I run the current version of Parallels and have the same issue. Restarting Windows in the VM clears it up (but it happens all the time). The next time you launched the saved VM you'll likely have to restart Windows. There plenty of postings on this at the Parallels site, but no real answer. The bug was apparently reported in several of the betas and never addressed.

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