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    aero interface not available in home premium?
    I just bought home premium and I am using it via vmware. I realized that the aero feature that windows has been bragging about isn't showing. Is the aero interface not available in home premium? How do I turn it on?

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    Every version of Vista I have used has the Aero Interface. I have a feeling it's VMWare causing the issue.

    Anyone here use Vista on VMWare?

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    I know Aero isn't supported on Parallels just yet, but am not sure about VMWare. Check out your VM's video settings. Make sure DX9/3D support is turned on. Then:

    • Click Start
    • Go to Control Panel
    • Click System and Maintenance
    • Then click Performance Information and Tools
    • Click Update My Score or Score this Computer, depending on what options you have

    Once that's done, Aero Glass should be enabled, provided that Fusion actually is capable of it (I believe this to be true) and it's configured properly. Home Premium edition does indeed support Aero Glass.
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    In Fusion, power down your virtual machine. Open the virtual machine library, select your machine and click "settings." Go to the video settings and enable DirectX/3D support. If available for your machine (i.e., you have a separate graphics adapter on your iMac or MB Pro and not integrated graphics (e.g., a MacBook or Air), you can select it. Click "apply" then click "OK." Then restart your virtual machine. When you restart, you should get it. I enabled this on my home iMac and MB Pro and got a message that said the support wouldn't necessarily work with everything. Since I use XP Pro and am not a gamer, I have not been able to test it on Aero or other 3D graphics.

    Good luck!

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