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    Feb 18, 2008
    can't click using trackpad in Boot Camp
    I am running Windows XP using Bootcamp on an Intel Macbook. I can't get the trackpad to recognize finger taps, and I also can't get the right-click to work (ctrl+click). I have no problems using finger taps in Leopard, including two-finger tap for right-click. Right-click using ctrl+click also works fine in Leopard.

    I also run XP using Parallels on occasion and have no problems with finger taps or right clicking when I do this.

    I plugged in a USB mouse when running XP Boot Camp and was able to right click to my heart's content.

    I spoke with Apple Support and they said the problem must be with Windows. I already tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the Boot Camp drivers that came with Leopard, but this did not help.

    Any ideas?

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    I think unless you actually have the trackpad software installed on XP, it won't recognize what to do with it. In parallels it just mocks what you have setup in Leopard, because it is a virtulization and not actually booting windows.

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    I assume you are referring to the software/drivers that came with Boot Camp. I already installed these drivers, and to no avail, which was why I posted in the first place. For whatever reason, the driver is not functioning as it should. I deleted and reinstalled the driver, but I keep getting the same problem.

    Any suggested solutions would be appreciated.

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    Feb 19, 2008
    aaaaaaaah! .. I'm having the same problem! I used to have it with Vista first, then I uninstalled it and installed windows XP, and still tabbing won't initiate neither left or right click. the scrolling is working fine though. Guys, any help would really be appreciated... ;/ and thanks a lot in advance.



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    same problem
    I have exactly the same problem, I thought to be the only one unlucky....

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    It's a simple solution, though not really intuitive based on what you do in OSX and Parallels/VMWare. You have to put two fingers on the trackpad, and then click the mouse button.

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    This doesn't address the issue of being unable to simply tap the trackpad to select something (left-click) I never realized how much I didn't use the click button on my laptop until I installed boot camp. I really think it is unacceptable how apple will not address this at all.

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    I'm having the same problem. I tap the trackpad more often then I use the button to click. But the tap-click won't work when I run Windows. Has anyone come up with a solution?

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    I have the same problem(( Any ideas? Anybody find the solution?

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