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    How or can I use Airport on MacBook in XP after Bootcamp Installation?
    I installed Bootcamp from Leopard on my MacBook (with 10 GB partition), and then installed Windows XP Professional. Windows runs when I start up, but I can't find Airport on the Windows side of my MacBook. Airport still works fine on the Mac side. Is there something I should have done in the installation process (I just followed the prompts for a standard installation, using the FAT32 option). Help !!

    Also, I went to an Apple authorized dealer, told them I needed to install Windows on my MacBook because I needed to use the internet for a math course I am taking, and the internet site only works with Windows/Internet Explorer. They sold me the Windows XP Professional version. When I had problems with finding Airport, I called Microsoft support, and they told me they wouldn't give me support unless I paid them because the version of XP I bought was an OEM version. I called the Apple dealer I bought it from and they told me I should have read the package before I opened it, and that they have sold hundreds of OEM versions to Mac owners, and that they could "tweek" things for me so that Airport would work, but for an additional charge. I feel like I have been taken advantage of because they knew what I wanted Windows for, but never told me that the program they were selling me was unsupported by Microsoft. Also, how can there be an OEM version for an Apple product?

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    insert the leopard disc it has the drivers on it

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    I don't understand. What do I do in Windows XP to find the driver for airport on the leopard disk?

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