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    Best Parallel For Fruity Loops or Adobe Audition
    Hey All,

    I was wondering if anyone out there had any opinion on what type of parallel would be the best to run adobe audition or fruity loops on, or if anyone has had any experience with any of those programs on a parallel and any stories or tips to share. I have been without both programs for almost a year now and I can't stand it anymore.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hi Alex.

    I too have been going through the same thing. There are a few options.

    1. Try getting FL Studio installed under Darwine (takes a bit of tinkering, but should work very well) if you get it going pls contact me !! (FL runs flawless using wine on linux.. so theoretically this should work)

    2. Run Parallels Desktop alot of ram. (Apparently FL runs well under Parallels.. there's youtube video's displaying this)

    3. FL like mac app's.. I'd say combine iDrum with Ableton, Garageband, or Logic Express. (If you dont like ableton's beatruler use usb overdrive with a gaming mouse to zoom, pan and edit with ease)

    If you are used to sequencing patterns with FL. use iDrum, make your patterns, render them,(there might be a more integratd way) and sequence with something like garageband or ableton. Then you can also beatslice to create variations without having to go back to the step-sequencer.

    For adobe audition, maybe soundtrack pro, or ableton, garageband etc.

    The big thing you're going through when switching software is having your workflow speed drop significantly. However after a week or so you should be up to snuff again.

    Personally I've switched from FL and Acid.. to Ableton. I ditched the step sequencer all together... if I want to make a beat/pattern from sounds I'll just lay samples on the arranger windows grid (same thing basically) to make a pattern if I need to. Then I can bounce down to a loop from that.

    Anyways hope this helps

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