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    I'd like to get some realistic comments from everyone.

    I'm looking for a new laptop to use at work, and we are completely a PC/WinXP environment. I've been looking at Dell, but the laptops just don't appeal to me from a hardware standpoint. I'd like to use this new bootcamp feature and run my Macbook 100% of the time in WinXP mode. I don't have any OSX applications, so I don't have any use for it. I'm assuming that I just keep the OSX partition to a minimum.

    The following hardware needs to work in WinXP mode:

    Isight camera (via Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger)
    Ethernet (for company network)
    Airport wireless (for internet connection during travel)
    USB (for USB devices)
    Firewire (for video camera)

    Is there anybody out there using their Macbooks as a dedicated WinXP machine? Any suggestions? I'd like to hear also how you've partitioned your HD for space as well.

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    All the above hardware needs will be fine under bootcamp, however the best thing about a Mac is OSX. Everything you get on a Macbook ( iSight, firewire etc ) are all available on Windows based laptops and you could get more for your $ with a normal laptop.
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    If you were to buy a MacBook to use with Windows only then you are wasting a lot of money.

    If you are not willing or able to use OS X then you should stick with one of the non-Apple alternatives. Ultimately you will get a good laptop for less cash if you're going the Windows route.

    You pay a little more for the excellent OS X and iLife etc. This 'little more' would be a complete waste of cash if you're not going to use them.

    Part of me would like to suggest you get the MacBook and partition up the hard drive so that you can use OS X as well but ultimately from your above post I think you're pretty set on the use of Windows - seriously mate - save some cash and go for one of the non-Apple alternatives.

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    It's expensive to get a Macbook just for Windows and a shame to miss out on OS X.

    However...... Having been witness to more than a few laptop deaths due to power cord incidents having the magnetic connector on the Macbook is a godsend and worth it's weight in gold(can't understand why this hasn't been copied yet)... imho. Not to mention pretty good battery life, quiet, a good screen and reasonably cool running.

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    Dude. Get a Macbook. Use OS X for a few days. You will beg your company to let you use OS X from thereon.

    Most PC files work in OS X. Networking. MS Office. Adobe CS3. Internet. Email. You might need Windows for running some special software, for which there is Bootcamp, Parallels or Crossover.

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    Thanks for all your input guys!

    Here's the thing with Windows based systems nowadays.
    To find a decently portable 13" with a 2.2Ghz processor and 2GB memory can run you up to $1500USD easily. And the fact that alot of these manufacturer's are no longer offering up XP as an OS is definitely a pain in the butt. I've looked at Dell XPS laptops, and they are only available with Vista. They still offer XP in the D series laptops.

    The other thing is that Apple is the only mfg offering up an onboard 6pin firewire. I hate the idea of having a PCMCIA card for an interface...

    So I'm still going back and forth...

    One last question, what is the recommended minimum partition for OSX?
    If I had a 160GB HD, can I partition OSX to take up 30GB and leave the rest for XP?

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    I have to agree with goobimama.

    I have been using my MacBook for about three months now and haven't missed windows once. Even my wife, a die-hard windows user, has given up on xp almost all together. So much so, when our dell desktop packed up last month she went out and bought an iMac without any convincing from me. The only thing she uses windows for (through BootCamp) is for Windows Live messenger and a windows only art/game for our little girl. She even uses NeoOffice in os x now instead of MS Office.

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    I was wondering if yo have to have OSX installed at all? Can you just format the whole drive as a Fat32 or NTFS partition and run Windows?

    Not that I want to do that, because OSX is great OS, but I'm curious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kcender7777777 View Post
    Because Macbooks do not have a bios, but using EFI, something like openfirmware, you cannot just format everything and run xp, you'll need the bootcamp-cd.
    Wrongo!! You most definitely CAN install just Windows and completely wipe OS X off the drive.

    To the OP, I don't care what your reasons are for buying a Mac and using only Windows. I'm here to help you with your dilemma.

    You can do one of two things. You can use Boot Camp and create as large of a Windows partition as you like. Heck, you can leave OS X with only 10GB if you want. Second option is to format the entire drive and just install Windows. To do this, just pop in your Windows CD, hold the C key, and then Windows setup will begin. Let it format the entire drive and you're good to go. Just be sure to install the drivers from the restore disc to get full functionality of all the hardware.

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    Most corporate IT departments won't support the Mac (mine included), so the only rational thing to do is to find the ideal sub-notebook PC. I have sufficient clout within my organization, so I researched what was out there until I found exactly what I wanted and told IT to place an order: A Lenovo Thinkpad X61s.

    I've always loved the Thinkpads, but this X61s is a killer machine. Compact, light-weight, excellent screen, great keyboard, durable, excellent battery time (6+ hours); enough to rival a Macbook, if it only operated on OS X. The Dell is to a Thinkpad what a Hyundai is to a BMW. I would recommend a test drive.
    Happy to be back to a Mac

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    I have not bothered with Bootcamp - I have a Windows laptop with me if I need it.

    I am running XP (I have ordered a copy of Vista) under Parallels and VM Fusion.

    One of the main things I like about OS X is its ability to run on an external Firewire drive. I have found Leopard to be a bit unstable so it's on the external drive (which I am using to type this), and Tiger is on my internal hard drive, for the moment.

    I am not a gamer, so I am not bothered by my Macbooks graphics card.

    I have been using my Macbook for ~ 18 months (21 years with PCs), and it is a much superior "experience", IMHO. But I still need Windows for my Accounts and Tax software.

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