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    Windows via Boot Camp With Tiger
    I keep hearing that i can install windows on to my macbook (intel based), do I need leopard or will tiger be fine?

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    Bootcamp for tiger was beta software - now no longer works

    you will need Leopard to use Bootcamp

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    if i install boot camp beta i understand that i need to partition my hard drive, does that mean that I would be reinstalling os x thus erasing the hard drive (all data i have currently)?

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    Here is what you need to do for the Bootcamp Beta. You must have the original Bootcamp.dmg beta or else you can't do this process. If you do have the .dmg then go the top of the screen where it says date and time and make the date go back lets say 5 years. Now, the beta will work again but once it hits November 2007 it will no longer work again so you have to put the date back again.

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    use virtual pc instead or virtualbox

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    Virtual PC will work but it is agonizingly slow and absolutely not worth it. I don't believe Virtual PC will work with Tiger - I believe it requires Leopard. you can verify at sun's website.

    Note that if you backdate your Mac you will mess up a lot of other things, just FYI, like your iCal, emails, etc. Not to mention violating your EULA ...


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