Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum. I really need some help from someone who knows there stuff with Fusion and Macs etc. I would greatly appreciate it. I have seen similar issues on this forum for Vista etc and the fixes do not seem to help for Xp Home Edition. I have a Mac Pro tower (quad 2.66 ghz with 5 gig of RAM using Tiger...the lastest version since Pro Tools is not yet compatible with Leopard) and I do audio work so I have Pro Tools installed on my computer with a Digi002 rack module.

Here is the problem. I bought Fusion and an OEM version of Windows XP Home to install on the Mac. I installed everything fine and set everything up except there is no audio on the Windows side. Mac side is fine. I have checked about everything I know to check. I made sure the audio is connected in the Fusion interface in the Sound settings.

I did have some tell me to look in the Library/Audio/Plug-ins/HAL folder and pull the plug-ins out of the HAL folder and to the desk top. The plugs are as follows:


Here's the deal. When I drag those plugins to the desktop before running a virtual Windows session, I get audio now on the PC side. My question is....is there a better way to fix this. I cannot install Leopard with Bootcamp because of compatibility issues with Pro Tools etc. Is there somewhere I can go online to download a fix or some missing drivers that I need. Or do you know which plugin might the be the culprit and can be removed (other than the DigiDesign Plugin...I need that one I think). I don't have any iSight camera on this Mac....just a cinema display. So can I delete the iSight plug?

Anyway, I will keep pulling the plugins to the desktop before launching into Fusion as a temporary fix for now. If anyone has any ideas I would be greatly appreciative. By the way, I logged a help request with VM Ware Fusion last week and they still have not answered my request.