Just got an iMac with Leopard. I will probable run mac and win with fusion (only 'cause I have win programs too expensive to get again in mac versions) but since I am going iPhone, I want to consolidate email, contacts, memo and calendar to one single OS (mac's OS).

On my pc I have all my email (worth good 10 years of work) in Outlook 2003 and also a lot of email addresses in Outlook Contacts. These are only email addresses and not complete contacts.

I have another set of over 700 contacts with complete contact details and notes - not just email - in my PalmOS desktop program and broken by category or field (biz, personal, etc.). Some of these contacts' email addresses are on Outlook Contacts and some only on Palm OS. So there are some duplicates.

Now, all my calendar history is also on my PalmOS.


This is what I need:

- Have all my Outlook 2003 emails, folders and subfolders migrated to Mac's MAIL, neatly, as they have a working order.
- Have all my PalmOS addresses migrated to Mac's Address Book, respecting their categories.
- Have all my Outlook 2003 Contacts migrated to Mac's Address Book too.
- Have all my calendar history/entries on my PalmOS migrated to Mac's iCal

This is what I think I need to do:

1) Email
Migrate all my Outlook 2003 emails and folders to Mac's Mail using O2M from littlemachines? Are there any set backs or any that would not get "translated" or translated differently than my format on Outlook when finalized into Mac's Mail? I guess this questions applies to anything beng translated using O2M, not just email.

2) Addresses & Contacts
2a) Bring all my addresses with notes from PalmOS into Mac's Address Book? Is there a way to do this with Littlemachines' O2M? OR
2b) I guess the second best option would be to add a (painful) step and bring first all my PalmOS addresses into Outlook Contacts first (and get rid of duplicates) by reinstalling PalmOS to sync with Outlook and doing a hotsync to migrate from my awful Treo.
THEN, after killing duplicates like a monkey, bring all of these from Outlook 2003 Contacts into Mac's Address Book using O2M.
I imagine that Mac's Mail will "look" into Mac's Address Book to get email addresses and not a different set of contacts. Yes?
If so, if I save or add an email address from an email in Mac's Mail will be saved to Mac's Address Book. Yes?
Please throw me some practical and effective pointers. It's be great not to go through the 2b) point.

3) Calendar
Migrate all my Calendar history on PalmOS to Mac's iCal using O2M? Or do I have to add my dreaded point 2b) above and have all my calendar entries/history in PalmOS migrated first to Outlook Calendar and then from there to Mac's iCal? And if so, the question "any losses here" is still valid.

Thank you for your help.