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    Feb 09, 2008
    Cant hear a thing. Why does Vista hate Mac so?
    I Installed Vista 64 bit on my mac.

    yes,yes dont be annoyed or flame its the only one i had no 32 bit one available.

    My problem is that everything works (some i had to go through trouble to make work lol) except sound.

    Vista thinks theres no problem and gives me all the options but nothing happns no noise nothing. I Tried headphones and seperate speakers and also turns up nothing.

    This has probably ben said and asked before but can anyone suggest anything. Im really crap when it comes to computers but ill give it a try, i just want to be able to hear something.

    Im on a macbook with 2.16 GHz with 1g ram cant remeber the rest.

    In device manager it says i have High Def speakers and there A OK but they aint lol.

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    Oct 21, 2007
    Sounds like a driver problem - make sure you insert the leopard disk after installing vista and run the setup utility to install the vista drivers for the mac hardware. I'm running 32 bit vista on my MBP and all the drivers installed perfectly and everything including sound works fine.

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    Feb 16, 2008
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    iMac Intel Core Duo Mac OS 10.5/Vista Premium via Boot Camp
    Reinstall the drivers using your Leopard DVD.

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