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    Unhappy Trying To Install Mac OS 9.0 On A Clean G3
    Hey guys, I was wondering if someone could help me out.

    I am a fairly new computer user, and I obtained a blue and white g3 tower that had its hard drive erased. I also have the mac os 9.0 full install on a CD. I put the Cd in, and it boots up from that. When I click "install os 9" it starts and then a box comes up saying that my firmware is outdated and new firmware updates are in the CD extras folder. I go to the CD extras folder, and click "G3 Firmware Update." It gives some instructions, and tells me to click the "Shut Down" box at the end of the instructions. As soon as I click that, it says that the startup disk is locked, therefore I cannot install the new firmware update. I have no operating system on the computer, and the hard drive has been cleaned. If someone would know how to unlock my startup disk so that I could install the g3 firmware update and OS 9.0 I would greatly appreciate it!


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    You need to install the firmware update after you install the system on the hard disk. Run the OS 9 installer, restart from the hard disk (with the newly installed system) and then run the updater from the CD.

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    If you can get your hands on System 8.5 it would probably install without the firmware prompt. Once you have a system installed you should be able to install the firmware update and be good-to-go with the System 9 install.

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    Talking Thanks
    Hey thanks for the help guys, now I just need to find a place to purchase a copy of Mac OS 8.5, is AppleRescue a good choice?

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