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    Reactivating Windows in Fusion - OEM version of XP
    I installed XP in a Bootcamp partition on my Santa Rosa Macbook, and activated it with MS. I later installed a trial version of Fusion - and it indicated (both onscreen and in the documentation) that Windows needed to be reactivated - but I can't do so - MS says my product key has exceeded the times it can be activated. I bought an OEM version of XP.

    Is this a Fusion-only issue, or am I stuck with having to buy another copy of Windows? it surprised me because I've seen others refer to using an OEM version.

    Searched but did not see anything on this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    just call the tool free number and they will help you,
    no need to buy a new copy of windows.
    i have Parallels 3.0 and i just shifted to Vmware Fusion it asked me to activate the Windows
    (Due to differences in virtual hardware between Parallels Desktop, Virtual PC 7.0 for Mac, and VMware Fusion, you will need to reactivate Windows once you run your converted virtual machine in VMware Fusion for the first time.)
    hope this help
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    D'oh! Gee, sorry about that. Thanks - I guess I have developed so much antipathy for Redmond over the years I assumed that calling them was the LAST thing to do! But it was very simple.


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    Fusion help says that reauthenticating multiple times can happen if VMWare Tools is not installed. When I began running my BootCamp partition with Fusion, I didn't need to authenticate within Fusion, because I had authenticated the BootCamp install, and VMWare Tools passed that on to virtual Windows. Yeah, and then they had lunch. Anyway...

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    Hi Joel: I have had the same problem with trying to install fusion..My oem windows XP is installed in bootcamp but its a pain to have to reboot;So I want to try fusion. What number did you use to call MS? Did they give you a hard time over having bought an OEM version?

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