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    Ways of using Windows XP on my Mac
    Had a mac book pro since leopard came out, liked it that much I replaced my PC desktop as well with an imac.

    Not really bothered about windows since but now I need to use MS Access that apparently isn't available for macs.

    I was just wondering what are the different ways of using windows on my intel based iMac?

    I know about Boot camp but am I right in thinking that this would just boot me into windows? i.e. to get back to leopard I would need to restart my mac?

    I was once on a course and a guy there and windows xp running on a mac through a window from mac os? Is this possible and if so whats the best way of doing it?

    Also what is performance like?



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    You are correct about requiring a restart to get into Windows via Boot Camp.

    What you saw was virtualization software that lets you run Windows within OS X. There are two programs that perform this function, Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion. This definitely seems like the way to go for you (I need Windows to open Publisher files, and it's great to just fire up Windows side by side with OS X).

    One last note. You'll need a licensed version of Windows with either option. You need a full install, an upgrade disc won't work. So you can either buy a retail copy, or do the sensible thing and save a couple hundred by going with an OEM copy.

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    Depending on which version of MS Access you are using, Crossover would easily be your best solution. This app lets you run supported Windows applications in OS X without installing Windows and with very minimal performance impact.;showall=1

    If your version of Access isn't usable under Crossover, then you can try Parallels or VMWare's Fusion. These both will run Windows "in a window". As for which of those 2 is "best", do a forum search... there've been a few discussions on that.

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    Thanks, i like the idea of crossover but support with some apps seems a patchy to say the least.

    I think I'll have a go with Parallels.


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    Will an original XP boot disc that shipped w/ my old PC work for loading windows w/ Fusion? I just need windows so that I can use a CAC reader to access my work (.mil) websites. Would it be easier and have less effect on my Mac to just buy a router and connect my windows laptop into a network?

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