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Thread: Classic Media Players

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    Nov 03, 2007
    Classic Media Players
    Hi. I was wondering if anybody knew any good media players for Mac OS 9. Preferably one with support for lots of codecs (avi, mpg, wmv...). thanks

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    Windows media player 7 for the mac has some problems but may work
    for you.

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    Nov 03, 2007
    i tried windows media player 7, but it seems to only want to read ¨windows movie files¨. Im assuming this is .wmv or .wma. Is there any way that I could install more codecs, like you can with quicktime 7?

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    CoDecs for Quicktime
    There are several plugins for Quicktime that work really well in OS 9 Mac OS X Hints has these links to the CoDecs on Apple's site, I think that is where I got mine (Indeo 3,4,5). I also found 3vix, ac3, wma, i263 and 3vix, but I don't remember where... Several hours of searching should turn up something but it is getting increasing difficult to find stuff for OS 9. It seems the search engines don't know what OS 9 is!
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    Try Realplayer 8 for Mac OS 9:

    I am sure you can add more codecs into its plugins folder

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    Oct 22, 2007
    I found this, MacVCD 3.2

    But it relies on Quicktime 4 so I don't know how many modern codecs will work with it

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    Nov 03, 2007
    It looks interesting. I'm going to give the free trial a whirl. As far as realplayer goes: it crashes a lot and is a CPU hog, but its still useable.

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